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Running in Heels: Lancôme Makeup Dressed by Alber Elbaz, Video Tease 2

Running in heels hasn't worked out well for me. The second video tease for the Lancôme Show by Alber Elbaz makeup collection.
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Alber Elbaz_Lancome

The last time I ran in heels backstage at a fashion show, I tripped on the uneven floor and wiped out in a headlong sliding crash. And my heels have nothing on the heels in Lanvin creative director Alber Elbaz's colourful, quirky, animated fashion world.

This is the second teaser installment for the Lancôme Show by Alber Elbaz collection, coming at the end of June. (Click here for the back story.)

Seriously, how cute is this? (I'm dying to get my hands on the lashes!)

My favourite running-in-heels scene is in Limitless, starring Bradley Cooper with Abbie Cornish. Hunted by a knife-wielding stranger in a park, Abbie Cornish's character sprints out from behind a rock, hops a fence, clambers over the top of a pergola, drops onto an ice rink, swings a skating-tot at her pursuer's face, then escapes across the ice. She's wearing wedges.

Has running in heels ever worked out well for you?