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Defining Beauty: Is This Smoky Eye Makeup or Not?

What really deserves the label "smoky eyes"? Take this look. Smoky? Or Liner?
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eye liner or smoky eyes

I once heard a makeup pro grumble about what really constitutes a smoky eye: a smoke effect, obviously. Yet I find myself wondering whether there has to be smoke to call the overall look smoky.

Take the above photo, which I found down that rabbit hole we like to call Pinterest. It was on someone's "Smoky Eyes" board. I dithered, then pinned it on my "Makeup_Eye Liner" board, having decided it's an exaggerated, rounded cat-eye variation. But I'm still waffling!

According to the artist I mentioned at the top of the post (I'd include a name if I could remember who it was -- the convo was years ago), a smoky eye is concentrated colour fading out from the lashlines. Makes sense, right?

But can the term not encompass a look that gives the general idea?

Would you call this a smoky eye? And if you're a smoky-eye purist, what would you call this an eyeliner look instead?