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Every self-tanner I've tried results in That Smell. Even low-dose DHA gradual sunless tanner, even NO-odour sunless tanner and my body chemistry = THAT. SMELL. Could it be related to my body heat?
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pale and bronze legs

You don't want to be near me if I've just used a full-strength self-tanner. I don't want to be near me when I've used full-strength self-tanner. When glow moisturizers – aka gradual self-tanners – first launched, I was hopeful. Gradual formulas have smaller amounts of dihydroxyacetone (DHA), so That Smell should be less potent, right? And they are for some lucky women. But my body chemistry won't co-operate – gradual formulas still envelop me in That Smell. Even Jergens' new No Odour formula (explained and reviewed here) won't play nice with my body chemistry. It's less overpowering than other formulas, but That Smell still wafts up. Why? I have a theory, and need your help to prove it true or false.

I blame my body heat. I tend to run hot. I overheat easily. I'm usually the too-warm person in the room. I think that's why That Smell is so strong with my body chemistry. Warm skin intensifies fragrance (that's why summer perfumes are lighter than fall and winter scents), thus even the slightest DHA odour is magnified on me.

The flipside of this theory is that people who are lucky enough not to suffer That Smell must be the type who often feel a bit chilly, who always need a sweater even in the summer.

Does any of this ring a little true for anyone else? If you have That Smell issues with every self-tanner you've tried, are you a running-hot person, too? If you can use gradual or no-odour self-tanner without suffering That Smell, are you an always-chilly person?