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Happy Mother's Day: Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn on Beauty Favourites and What They Admire About Each Other

Kate Hudson and her famous mom Goldie Hawn have already told us about beauty blunders and unique beauty skills. Here they dish on their beauty favourites and what they admire most about each other.
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The infectious, giggles-and-great-girlfriends vibe Kate Hudson and her Oscar-winning mom Goldie Hawn exhibit in Almay's Mother's Day campaign is a real thing. Laughter frequently punctuates their easy camaraderie and shared anecdotes as together they chat about motherhood, family, mutual admiration and beauty stuff. The pair has already ’fessed up to Beautygeeks about beauty blunders and Goldie's unique makeup skills; here they geek out about their beauty favourites (including the one item that would delight Goldie if she could have just 200 more) and fragrance preferences, and share what they most admire about each other.

Are there Almay makeup items you particularly like?
Kate: I am so excited about the Liquid Lip Balms! I remember getting all the first samples and getting so excited. They feel really good! And it was so fun shooting the commercial -- Mom, at that speaking engagement, what was that thing you said about lip gloss?

Goldie: I was speaking at a highschool about vocations, and afterward, a student asked "if you had 200 more of anything, what would it be?" I said lip gloss! So Liquid Lip Balm -- anything I can put on my lips. If you went through my bag right now you'd find about eight different lip glosses, and you would know that I seriously have a problem.

Almay Color + Care Liquid Lip Balm - All Shades

Kate: You know what, I really do put this stuff to the test because I like to be able to talk about it. I had them over Christmas, and put two of them in my pocket when I went skiing, and in freezing cold weather, they still worked. That's when I got really excited -- I could take them out in freezing cold weather and they still felt good on my lips. And I love the colours, that they have a good pop of colour but they're not overbearing, there's not too much crazy pigment. You get colour, but it's still that great Almay enhancing-natural-beauty thing.

I love the bronzers. I like the CC cream, and I've always liked the eye liners. And I love the liquid eye shadows.

Let's talk about fragrance for a moment -- you have a favourite fragrance, Goldie?
Goldie: I wear oils, actually. I do wear perfumes -- in fact between lip gloss and perfume, that's probably where my addictions lie.

I'm a big scent person. I mix my own oils. I've brought them from Morocco, Saudi Arabia, India, and Egypt. And I have my own little mixing area. I like dark notes like ambers and vanilla, and I mix in a little top note like jasmine or rose oil. And there are a few perfumes that I'll wear over and over again, but very few.


Have you picked up any of that from your mom, Kate? What's your favourite fragrance?
Kate: For sure, I'm also more oil oriented. I like all different kinds of scents and it depends on how I'm feeling. I go through phases. When I was pregnant, lily of the valley is all I wanted to wear. I wanted to smell it, I'd buy lily of the valley candles, I wanted to put lily of the valley oil all over. But it changes, from floral scents -- I love orange blossom. Neroli. And ylang ylang -- I love ylang ylang so much.

Goldie, is there something you admire most about Kate?
Goldie: She is an extraordinarily fantastic mother, a very loving person. But I really respect her ability to decipher right from wrong, her ability to look people and be able to be cognitively intelligent about what it is and who it is she's dealing with. She's very very smart when it comes to story, character, psychology. I think she's a very, very good friend. There are a lot of things I admire about Kate.


Same question to you, Kate, about your mom?
Kate: It's endless. If we had an hour, or a week.... It's funny because you go through all these different stages of relationship between mother and daughter, so it's hard to clump it together in a sentence. For me what I admire most about Mom is who she is as a parent. I have a very non-judgemental mother. I was allowed to make mistakes, encouraged to be an individual, encouraged to speak my own mind -- and with parents who demanded certain behavioural changes when you're a kid getting off track and need to be kept on the right path. Family was their number one priority, and I felt it every day, that love and focus. I think as I get older, that's what I admire most -- I think that's where legacy lies, that's what I want to give my children. That sense of safety, and love and care is everything.

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Happy Mother's Day to you and your mom!