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Red Carpet Beauty: Bold Colour, Graphic Liner + Thank You to the Met Ball for the Most Entertaining Red Carpet Beauty Ever

More DOs and DON'Ts re: bold coloured eyeshadow, bold lips and bold liner -- some may surprise you.
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Emily Blunt_best makeup_Met Ball 2013

At first I couldn't fathom why I still have so much Met Ball 2013 beauty stuff to cover. I've never geeked out about this many makeup looks at any awards show. Oh right -- it's because the Oscars, Golden Globes and Emmy Awards red carpets don't usually offer up this much beauty variety. Not even close.

Thank you to the single brain in which the idea sparked, Oooh, let's do a PUNK theme for the Costume Institute thingie for 2013! It led to some not-often-seen-on-red-carpets creativity, and makeup that ranged from traditional-gorgeous to amazing-cool to WTF-but-so-glad-you-tried. And you really get to see which celebs like to play things safe (I'm looking at you, Gwynnie) and which celebs will jump into the middle of a party (I love you, Sarah Jessica Parker, Emmy Rossum, Emily Blunt, Ginnifer Goodwin -- and Jennifer Lawrence, whose sense of fun will always eclipse whatever makeup you wear). Below, let's geek out about the best and not-so-much in boldly coloured eye makeup, deep berry lips, statement liner and putting on a show.

bold, colourful eyeshadow


DO! Emily Blunt gets the Best Makeup of the Met Ball Award from the whole Internet. At her request (was she inspired by this long-ago Lancôme collection?), makeup pro Jenn Streicher went for bold pink, and made it wearable and beautiful, too. She used NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Jardin des Plantes on the lids as a base, then topped it with NARS Powder Blush in Desire. On lips she used NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Biscayne Park.


DO Kristen Stewart reclaimed. I'm so glad to see Kristen looking so good -- the Oscars had me worried. This is how you wear rich burgundy shadow as a smoky eye -- and with beautiful, fresh skin, too. Love, love, love.


DON'T Elle Fanning isn't wearing her colourful eye shadow. It's wearing her. Shame, because she's just so darned adorable. Honestly, I'm not sure why it isn't working -- should her brows have been lightened? Should there actually be some hint of colour on her lips? I keep looking at this image in the hopes that it'll suddenly look great. But it doesn't.

the bold berry lip


DOKim Kardashian is a surprise for me. Even with those spider lashes, I dig her makeup. That is one gorgeous lip shade. Gorgeous. If the image had been higher res, I'd have cropped out most of that chesterfield she's wearing.

Minka Kelly_Met Ball

DO-ish Minka Kelly has a little too much contouring, too much face definition going on with this lip. Love the colour, but wish the makeup weren't so... drag. The really defined brows, defined liner, major concealer, contouring and full-coverage foundation... too much, too much. Smudge out that eye makeup, Minka, and wipe off some of that base. Makes you look about 59 plastic-surgery years old. Still, great lip... although I'm starting to think it's also too defined.

Katy Perry_met ball 2013

DO-ish Katy Perry is another one who, IMO, looks a bit mask-ish. Could be the effect she's going for, but I'd like this makeup even more if her skin showed through a bit. I do love lush lashes with a deep matte lip, though.


DON'T Nicole Richie has managed to add more plastic-surgery years to her face with makeup than Minka Kelly -- she looks like a 65-year-old woman with a major face lift. The lesson: don't pair a dark lipstick with a ton of bronzer, stiff false lashes and pencil-stroke brows. The stiff white/grey hair isn't helping. It would actually look good if the makeup were fresher, more youthful -- only the young look good with grey hair. Our beautygeek Liza Herz says so, and she's not wrong. Nicole has bollixed it up; she is young for heaven's sake. Love the ear jewelry, though.

graphic, statement liner


DOZooey Deschanel freaked a lot of people out by showing her forehead for maybe the first time ever. Without her trademark heavy bangs, she looks... ordinary. But her classic winged liner is pretty, a go-to look for her. (I've mentioned before that I'm ignoring the punk theme for the most part and just commenting on the makeup that looked good, right? Wait -- is that evening gown made of seersucker?)


DO Amanda Seyfried is wearing her best eye makeup yet. She has such huge, widely spaced eyes, and she's so fair -- this dramatic upper-lashline definition is brilliant on her. I've been waiting to see her in something like this; it's perfect. Do this a lot, Amanda. Also, love the red hair.


DO Nina Dobrev should wear makeup like this on "The Vampire Diaries." As Catherine, I suppose -- annoying good-girl-gone-bad-vamp-gone-angst-ridden-vamp Elena can't carry this off. I will wear makeup like this for some reason soon. Not only do I love the all-over winged-out inky lid, I love the shimmery silver that sweeps from inner corners along the lower lashlines. Subtle cheeks, healthy nude lips... A+.


DO Lily Collins made me so happy with this liner and brow treatment. Fantastic, especially with her excellent brows. And it works with her multi-hued extensions, the lacy bodice and studded jacket -- another of my favourite looks of the evening. If my eyes were built like hers, I'd find a reason to try this for an event. A birthday party maybe. Why not?


DO-ish January Jones has such a classic face. She keeps trying interesting looks -- this definitely counts, and I actually love the eye makeup -- and she works with amazing artists. But edgy makeup doesn't seem to sit well on her features. Am I wrong? Major props for going there, though. Major.

2013 Costume Institute Gala - PUNK: Chaos To Couture

The look seems to work a bit better from this angle, and with January's smile. I think.

sarah jessica parker

DO Sarah Jessica Parker gets her own sub-heading for this insanely fabulous Philip Treacy fauxhawk head-dress and wacky ensemble. It's completely weird and definitely over-the-top outlandish. But damn.


Sarah Jessica Parker_Met Ball 2013

You've got to respect the woman's daring -- and her incredible figure. And you have to love the entertainment factor. Amazing.

This photo-bomb magic by Jennifer Lawrence is the icing on the kooky cake:

Busted Image

What are your thoughts on these looks? Agree or disagree?

Gif via Stacy Lambe.