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Compare & Contrast: Jennifer Lopez Then (1987, 1990, 1999) and Now (2013)

Comparing Jennifer Lopez in 1999 to Jennifer Lopez in 2013. And Adam Rodriguez, then and now.
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Jennifer Lopez 1999 and 2013

Happened upon this image of Jennifer Lopez at the launch party for her first album On the 6. Then compared it to an image of her from the 2013 Met Ball last night. It's 14 years later.

So what's changed?

JLo's brows now are so. much. better.

And overall her makeup is better, but that, in part, is because makeup textures and application techniques in 1999 were different. Plus, comparing a non-smoky-eye look with a smoky-eye look isn't quite fair.

Jennifer Lopez_On the 6 launch party

Jennifer Lopez

While JLo's insane skin appears not to have aged in the least, maturity has hollowed out under her cheekbones a bit.

Jennifer Lopez 1987

Let's go back to young-collagen Jennifer Lopez in 1987...

Jennifer Lopez_1990

...and Jennifer Lopez in 1990.

Jennifer Lopez_On the 6 launch party_cropped

Again, Jennifer Lopez in 1999...

Jennifer Lopez_MetBall2013

...and Jennifer Lopez 2013. (Seriously, since 1987 -- 26 years ago -- her brows are the only obvious improvement.)

JLo_Live it Up Premiere_Elvis Duran show_May 2013

[UPDATE: Good Lord. She even looks great in this (probably iPhone) photo she tweeted on May 8th from a radio station, at which she premiered her new single "Live it Up" (listen here).]

For fun, now let's look at JLo's first music video, "If You Had My Love:"

I still love her makeup in this vid.

And for fun, let's look at Adam Rodriguez then, and in 2012 on the Magic Mike red carpet:

Adam Rodriguez_1999_2012


Adam Rodriguez_1999_2012 Magic Mike

Oh, right. Jennifer Lopez. So, what do you think of JLo years ago vs now?