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See Worthy: Goldie Hawn Isn't Your Average Celeb When It Comes to Putting On Her Makeup

While filming Almay's Mother's Day campaign, Kate Hudson revealed that her mom, Oscar-winner Goldie Hawn, has an unusual approach to putting on her makeup. When I interviewed the mother/daughter duo earlier this week, I asked Goldie for details.
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As mentioned yesterday, Oscar-winner Goldie Hawn has joined her daughter Kate Hudson for Almay's current Mother's Day ad campaign. And according to Kate, Goldie has an unexpected (for a celeb) approach to putting on her makeup. Beautygeeks everywhere need to know more, right?

Goldie, I've heard you can put your entire face of makeup on without a mirror.
Goldie: Right.

When was the last time you did that?
Goldie: Yesterday.

Amazing! What's your approach??
Goldie: Well, you know how they say "know thyself?" Know thy face. [Kate laughs on the other line.] And also be very familiar with the makeup you're using because if you're familiar with it, you know just by touch and feel how much to use.

Kate: It's so true.

Goldie: So if I'm going to put my blush on, I know what I need to do in order to do it, and how many times I need to go over it in order to get there. My blush brush already has stuff on it from yesterday. Sometimes I just use the brush and don't even touch the blush. I have an eyeliner, I go inside my eye -- I don't need a mirror for that. And my lips are big enough that I can throw something on them and they find their way. Just know your face and know the quality and consistency of your makeup.

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Details about what Goldie and Kate each find inspiring about the other, as well as some of their beauty favourites will be in next Thursday's print edition of The Kit, which you can find in the Toronto Star, Vancouver Sun and Calgary Herald. It'll also be in Friday May 10th's Montreal Gazette, and available via PDF from on Monday May 13th.

Also: Goldie's and Kate's beauty mistakes.

I'd love to see Goldie apply her makeup sans mirror. You?