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Dear Mother Nature: This is What Spring Looks Like at Indigo (Complete with Covetable Beauty Stuff)

Dear Mother Nature: please just save the rest of winter until December 2013. Or hey, a couple of days in July would work. But right now, we just want Spring to look like Indigo's Spring 2013 preview, please.
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BEAUTYGEEKS: Indigo Books spring 2013 preview_faux ranunculus

Mother Nature needs a reminder of what Spring looks like (it's been freaking snowing all day in Toronto). These are from Indigo's Spring 2013 preview.

BEAUTYGEEKS: patio lanterns_Indigo Spring 2013

Of note: CEO Heather Reisman announced that Indigo is expanding its merchandise pillars to be more of a department store than books-with-a-side-of-gifts. Changes will roll out over the coming months.

BEAUTYGEEKS: Indigo Spring 2013_teatime

Tea accessories, from $19; tea and preserves, from $10

BEAUTYGEEKS: Indigo Spring 2013_Alchemy

Fringe Alchemy candles, soap (with dish), notecards, stationery, magnets... from $11 to $34; scarves from $29.50

BEAUTYGEEKS: Indigo Spring 2013_Voluspa Pink Citron

Voluspa Room & Body Mist, $22; candles from $10 to $29

BEAUTYGEEKS: Indigo Spring 2013_notebooks

Notebooks from $6.50

MOR soaps

MOR Correspondence Soap, $14

BEAUTYGEEKS: Indigo Spring 2013_Steam Cream

Steamcream, soft cream created via steaming natural ingredients into a cohesive texture that sinks easily into skin.

BEAUTYGEEKS: Indigo Spring 2013_bangles

Bangles, from $12

BEAUTYGEEKS: Indigo Spring 2013_peacock thank you notes

Peacock Thank You cards, $7.98

BEAUTYGEEKS: Indigo Spring 2013_cute vintage-inspired clocks

Adorable vintage-inspired clocks.

BEAUTYGEEKS: Indigo Spring 2013_flowered plate and bird bookmark

Metal Page Marker, $8.50

BEAUTYGEEKS: Indigo Spring 2013_keepsake box

White Blossom Keepsake Box, $14.75

BEAUTYGEEKS: Indigo Spring 2013 preview_mushroom bird feeder

Natural wood birdhouse, $39.50; Sphere Tabletop Terrarium, $19.50; brass herb mister, $17

buggy tumblers

Paperwrapped votives, $5

BEAUTYGEEKS: Indigo Spring 2013_herb nippers_terrarrium tools

Herb snips, $14.50; Terrarium Tool Set, $19.50

plant markers

Garden markers -- make me want to grow green beans, beets...

BEAUTYGEEKS: Indigo Spring 2013_paddywax soaps and candles

Paddywax candles, $18; soaps, $10

wee car

Could this little four-wheeler be cuter?? No room for a chauffer, though... or shopping bags.

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Get the hint, Ma Nature?