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Going to America: = Free Samples to Help You Spend Less $$

Our favourite try-before-you-buy free-samples program,, is going to America! Yay for US-based Beautygeeks readers!
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US-based Beautygeeks readers take note: as we anticipate the opening of additional Target doors in Canada, our favourite try-before-you-buy free-samples program,, is targeting mailboxes on your side of the border. And it's going to change what you think you know about free-stuff programs. For instance: unlike beauty-box set-ups, this won't cost you a thing and you choose the free samples most relevant to you.


Right off, you need to know that isn't one of those bogus-styles sites that just takes all your information and then sends you to some other obscure website that may or may not actually send you anything. The company has already sent millions of samples across Canada. I've written about the service several times, here, here and here -- it's the real deal, with past-participant big-brand names such as Garnier, John Frieda, Nivea, Jergens, Schick, Arm & Hammer, Sunlight, Catelli, Colgate and more. Options so far have included beauty/grooming necessities such as body lotions, razors, sunscreen and haircare, as well as household products and food items that cycle through everyone's grocery lists. (Hint: see image above.)

samplesource opening page

Signing up is as easy as adding your email address to the invitation list so you'll receive notifications as soon as new samples are available -- a little birdie tells me that'll be in the coming weeks. (Only one registration per household -- and this company is far better than most when it comes to weeding out and disqualifying multiples.) product selection

When samples go live, you can pick the items you want to try (last time there were a total of 14 samples from which to choose), review your selections and confirm your order. After that, you'll be able to track your samples from the packaging point to shipping and delivery.

SampleSource product ratings

Once you receive your samples and have a chance to try them, you can accept an invitation to rate them on the website. Did you like the product? Would you buy it in the future? Would you recommend it to a friend? The process is as easy as checking off your answers, and you'll can peruse ratings of past samples, too.

US mailboxes

Sound like a free free-stuff program that could really be helpful? You can add yourself to the US-site invitation list right now!

If you're a resident of Canada new to, you're just in time to register for the Spring program. If you're already familiar with SampleSource, what's your impression?