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Double Threat: Maybelline Launches Dual-Ended Mascara w Upper Lash Wand and Lower Lash Wand

Maybelline New York is launching a dual-wand mascara that features a plush brush for the upper lashes and a mini wand for the lower lashes. Meet The Falsies Big Eyes mascara.
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Maybelline New York Volum'Express The Falsies Mascara_duo wand_upper and lower lashes

This is a snapshot of the only Maybelline New York The Falsies Big Eyes Mascara in Canada right now. It's backstage at World Mastercard Fashion Week F/W 2013 in Toronto's David Pecaut Square, at what I'm calling Grace Island, the busy makeup station belonging to Maybelline New York's Lead Makeup Artist Grace Lee.

World Mastercard Fashion Week_FW 2013_Toronto_Grace Island

The spanking new dual-ended double-threat features a wand for the upper lashes on one side and a smaller wand for the lower lashes on the other. Launching in late spring, the mascara is a 10%-polymer formula that promises a smooth, smudge-, smear- and flake-free finish. The plush upper-lashes wand boasts a "multi-dimensional twisted brush" construction. The slender lower-lash mini brush is "super-soft" and designed to leave no little lash bare. Maybelline New York The Falsies Big Eyes Mascara ($10.99) is scheduled to hit drugstores and mass retailers in May, 2013.

Maybelline New York Volum'Express The Falsies Big Eyes Mascara_upper lashes wand
Maybelline New York Volum'Express The Falsies Big Eyes Mascara_lower lashes wand
Maybelline_Big Eyes_dual wand mascara

Lush top lashes + defined lower lashes + mess-free formula... maybe this is a triple-threat?

Obviously, this isn't the first dual-wand mascara ever. But I think it's the first mass-market brand to release a lower-lash mascara component -- remember Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara, with its itsy bitsy wand? The Clinique surprised me -- I like it, although it doesn't fit into my back-of-the-cab routine (and it's so small it managed to get lost awhile in my apartment before I even tried it). Have you tried Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara? Does Maybelline's combo of regular "upper-lash" wand and smaller lower-lash wand intrigue you?  

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