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Stick it, Winter: L'Eté Papillon de Chanel for Summer 2013

Butterfly brilliance from Chanel for summer 2013. Highlights: three stunning nail polish shades (vibrant coral, iridescent blue-green, deep iridescent blue), Stylo Eyeshadow twist-up sticks, and coloured mascara that might make you want to wear coloured mascara.
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To take your mind off Mother Nature's soggy end-of-winter tantrum, how about an early peek at Chanel's colourful summer 2013 makeup? Highlights include stunning nail lacquer shades (Azuré has all the butterfly iridescence anyone could desire), creamy eye shadow sticks, and playful yellow, mint-green and vibrant blue mascara.

I'll post photos and details later (see below now); for now enjoy this odd stills video Staff decided to put together, featuring a selection of items from the collection. (When Staff actually wants to work, I don't stop her.)

L'Eté Papillon de Chanel hits counters in May 2013. (Music: Stopwatch Hearts by Delerium feat. Emily Haines.)

UPDATE Chanel always provides a gorgeous press book for each launch (part of the reason mascara is $36 and nail polish is $27). The pages of the summer 2013 kit somehow found their way into my samples snapshots.

Chanel Summer 2013 nail polish

I blame the limited-edition nail polishes.

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in 647 Lilis_summer 2013

Chanel Nail Colour in 647 Lilis, a vibrant coral I can't help adoring ($27, department stores).

Chanel summer 2013 Azure nail polish

Chanel Nail Colour in 657 Azuré, an amazing iridescent blue-green ($27, department stores).

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in 667 Bel-Argus_summer 2013

Chanel Nail Colour in 667 Bel-Argus, an iridescent deep blue ($27, department stores). According to Chanel, the iridescent pigment in Bel-Argus and Azuré is exclusive to the brand.

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in 667 Bel-Argus_press kit image_summer 2013_photography Richard Burbridge

This is Bel-Argus in a press-kit image. Pretty!

Chanel Summer 2013 lip gloss 427

Chanel Glossimer lip gloss in 427 Envolée, a shimmery semi-sheer mandarin ($31, department stores). The collection includes two more semi-sheer shades: 377 Zéphyr, a pearlized beige, and 437 Eden, a juicy raspberry.

Chanel Stylo Eyeshadow pens in Black Stream_Moon River_Jade Shore_Blue Bay_summer 2013

Chanel Stylo Eyeshadow ($36 each, department stores) promises a cool-on-contact sensation (from the formula's a high water content perhaps) and a long-wearing finish. At the moment, this shadow format is only limited edition. From left: Black Stream, a silver-shimmer black; Moon River, a platinum beige; Jade Shore, a soft golden-shimmer green; and Blue Bay, a silver-shot azure blue. Not shown: Pink Lagoon, a shimmering coral pink, and Cool Gold.

Chanel Inimitable Waterproof Mascara in Zest_Lime Light_Blue Note_summer 2013

Chanel Inimitable Waterproof Mascara ($36 each, department stores) in Zest, a happy yellow; Lime Light, a milky green; and Blue Note, an electric blue. Not shown: Aqua Blue, a blue-green.

Chanel summer 2013 coloured mascaras

These coloured mascaras make me want to wear coloured mascara.


Maybe someone ought to send this collection to Mother Nature so she'll let go of sodding winter already. Maybe she'd be in a better mood if she, too, were thinking about summer 2013.

Chanel summer 2013 press image

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