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First Look: OPI San Francisco Collection, Fall/Winter 2013

OPI's Fall/Winter 2013 collection, inspired by San Francisco, hits shelves this August. Here's your first look at the collection, which includes three new liquid sand shades.
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OPI Fall 2013 San Francisco collection_bead necklace_not for sale

I know, it's not even Spring 2013 and we're showing you Fall. Oops. I mean, OPI -- the San Francisco collection, which launches this August. Highlights include Peace & Love & OPI, a holographic green-and-eggplant; Keeping Suzi at Bay, a gorgeous royal navy blue; In the Cable Car-Pool Lane (my fave), a rich blue-based burgundy; and three new liquid sand shades, including It's All San Andrea's Fault, which wins for best name in the collection.

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slideshow: San Francisco Collection by OPI

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