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F is for (Green) Fingers: Fun St. Patrick's Day Emerald Nail Art Ideas (Gingham!)

Fun emerald-aisle nail-art ideas fit for St. Patrick's Day and any other day you're feeling green.
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St. Patrick's Day gingham nail art_Miyuki Nakatomi_Tips Nail Bar

Gingham has such charm -- I'm thinking picnics, pigtails, apple pie, and, oddly, The Beverly Hillbillies, although I've never seen a full episode. Also charming: leprechauns. Inspired by the adorable gingham nails Tips Nail Bar artist Miyuki Nakatomi demonstrates for the Canadian Living video below, I asked her what shades she'd use for a St. Patrick's Day version -- and scored two more ideas from Tips nail artist Naomi Misu, too. Plus, my sister Karen did a Guinness mani!

here's Canadian Living's gingham how-to:

slideshow: st. patrick's day nail ideas

There. That's enough emerald for 2013, right? You planning to rock any of these greens, St. Paddy's Day or otherwise?

Canadian Living nail-art tutorial vid (hi Katherine!), Gingham nail art, Miyuki Nakatomi/Tips Nail Bar; two-tone nail art and ombré nail art, Naomi Misu/Tips Nail Bar. Revlon nail art, Leeanne Colley for Revlon. Canadian Living nail-art tutorial vid (hi Katherine!), White mani w single shamrock/Guinness, Karen Falcon.