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Cranky Beauty Pants: A John Travolta ’Do

Dear John Travolta: Please just stop with the "hair." So sayeth Cranky Beauty Pants.
John Travolta_Oscars 2013_backstage

Dear John Travolta:

Olivia Newton John_John Travolta_2012

Your Oscar "hair" was better than the "hair" we saw you with last Christmas with Olivia Newton-John and the whole spray-painted-cue-ball thing.

John Travolta_Oscars 2013_post party

You know that we know you have fake hair, right? And that we now call your look "John Travolta hair"?

John Travolta_Oscars 2013 afterparty

We'd like you more if you just admitted you're going bald. The boys might like you better too (allegedly).