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Cranky Beauty Pants: Helen Hunt and Best H&M at the Oscars 2013

How does Helen Hunt's H&M gown hold up on the Oscars 2013 red carpet? Even with 7K-worth of jewelry sewn into it? Did Helen Hunt do "accessible" Oscars fashion better in Gap in the late 1990s?
85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

You might think that H&M means hair and makeup, but in The Sessions’ Helen Hunt's case, it actually stands for H&M -- the place she got her gown.

Apparently you can still call it H&M if you sew hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewels to it.

85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Thoughts on wearing not only off the rack but "accessible" fashion to the Oscars? Did Sharon Stone do it better in Gap in 1996 and 1998?

Helen Hunt_Oscar dress_back_jewels

UPDATE: That $700,000-worth of jewelry appears on the back of the dress, as a brooch.

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