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Britney Spears: Brown Hair vs Brunette

We love when a star goes brunette in a sea of Hollywood blondes. But we're not sure it's working for Britney Spears. Yet.
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We applaud a celeb who goes against the usual blondifying groove by going brunette. But this hair with this complexion and this hello-lip-liner makeup -- are we the only ones who think Britney Spears is looking a little "Real Housewife of..."?

Maybe it's the weird tan or whatever. Without it, we think Britney's hair would look more brunette than "just brown."

Thanks for showing us the difference, Brit.

brown hair vs brunette_Britney Spears vs Natalie Portman

Update: Found an image of Natalie Portman, who seems to have a similar shade of brunette (a bit more golden brown) and less oompa-loompa skin. Thoughts?

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