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F is for Flow: Are You Team Cup or Team No-Freaking-Way?

The menstrual-cup concept has always been too icky a concept for me even to consider. But this video takes some of the icky out of the cup vs tampon/pad debate -- and a reader's doctor advice re: ACTUAL "CROTCH-ROT" tips things over the edge.
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tampon vs mooncup rap battle still

I'm not sure where the compliments are in this particular topic, but that's not really ever stopped me from posting about things that interest me that I think might interest you, too. *shrug* Right now I'm interested in this cup vs tampon thing when it comes to our monthlies, and this video I spotted on a friend's FB page is the reason.

I don't know much about menstrual cups -- the concept has always icked me out too much to investigate (even typing out the term is making me feel... greebly). But this video rap-off (nothing icky to see, thank goodness) is making me re-think.

Where do you land on this? Cup? Tampon? Pad? Icky? Enviro-plus? TMI?

Update: want another thought trigger? See the first comment below... #crotchrot

A brand called DivaCup is available in Canada; DivaCup Model 1 (under 30) and DivaCup Model 2 (30+) are $39.99 each via