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F is for Falcon and the Owl: Beaking Out at the Paris Press Preview of Nina L'Eau

Meet my new friend, a celebrity snowy owl named Paloma. She appears in the commercials for Nina L'Eau, a new Nina Ricci scent launching in Canada in March 2013.
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Janine Falcon_Paloma_snowy owl in Nina L'Eau commercial

This snapshot makes me think "caption contest," à la The New Yorker.

With me in this photo is Paloma, a beautiful, spirited snowy owl featured in the television ad for Nina l'Eau, the newest addition to the Nina fragrance family by Nina Ricci. Nina L'Eau launches in France tomorrow, and in Canada in March.

The spot stars 19-year-old Swedish model Frida Gustavsson in an ethereal dress designed by Nina Ricci designer Peter Copping specifically for the campaign. The ad appeared on the Nina Facebook page for fans today, in advance of its French television debut tomorrow.

Spanish director and photographer Eugenio Recuenco (he directed the first Nina commercial) worked with cinematographer John Mathieson (he's worked with Ridley Scott) to give the spot a cinematic feel. Filmed over the course of three days in a huge studio in Prague, the ad features Gustavsson as a modern fairytale princess "with a complex, strong personality and who really knows what she wants," says Nina Ricci's international marketing director Caius Von Knorring.

Paloma is one of three owls who were on set for the filming of this spot. According to Von Knorring, she is the most "energetic" of the three, and thus appears in most of the owl scenes.

Janine Falcon_Paloma_snowy owl_Nina L'Eau

What a star. She looks like a hoot, right?