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Bold Brigade: Bourjois Paris Rouge Edition Lipsticks Riding In This Fall

Bourjois Paris launches Rouge Edition, a collection of 18 lipsticks that offers more than one big-impact shade.
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I first spotted Bourjois Paris makeup in pro-artist kits years ago, before the brand became available in Canada the first and second time. Despite that cred, and its smooth, satisfyingly pigmented eye shadows and blushes, adorable coloured pots and great gloss shades, one thing about the line has always been a disappointment: the lack of punchy, bold, bright lipstick shades. The only colour that really spoke to me was Sweet Kiss Lipstick in Fuchsia Class.

Bourjois Paris Rouge Edition Lipsticks_Canada Fall 2013.jpg

Now a whole bunch of Bourjois Paris lipsticks are speaking to me -- in French.


I spotted these at a Monoprix in Paris earlier this week. Rouge Edition features more pigment than Bourjois Paris' other lipsticks, and 18 shades that include several bright and deep hues. It's about time!


These two, 07 Fuchsia Graffiti and 10 Orange Pop Up, spoke to me most loudly. Janine, Janine! they called out. (What? My name is French.) So I bought Orange Pop Up.


Canadians have to wait until Fall for this "approved by fashion editors" collection. (I'd have sought approval from beauty editors instead, but perhaps I'm a tad biased.)

I have to wait until tomorrow to pick up 07 Fuchsia Graffiti. And maybe 11 Fraise Remix. And 18 Violine Strass. I can't have them yelling to me from Paris when I'm back home in Toronto.

UPDATE: Turns out that 15 of the above shades will be on Canadian shelves this August. The first shade, a clear shimmer, isn't making the trip; neither are #06 (a delicate blue-based pink with silver pearl shimmer) and #16 (a dark chocolate).