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Cranky Beauty Pants: Jennifer Garner, The Good Wife at the SAG Awards 2013

Jennifer Garner is The Good Wife this awards season, according to Cranky Beauty Pants.
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19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Arrivals

This is Jennifer Garner on the 2013 SAG Awards red carpet. Just like two weeks ago at the Golden Globe Awards, Garner refrained from participating in red-carpet interviews with her nominated husband Ben Affleck.

Why? I imagine it's because this is their job: to work a red carpet and campaign for Oscar votes. That means that he's the focus right now. It's Ben's year for Argo and Jennifer is being supportive of the job he has to do.

Michelle Obama_bangs

That's why I was so surprised in advance of Inauguration Day to see Michelle Obama sporting her hot-topic new ’do. Talk of her new bangs has eclipsed a momentous day for her husband.

Calculated? Conspiracy? Meaningless?

Jennifer Garner photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images. President and Mrs. Obama image borrowed from