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Cranky Beauty Pants: Good Goth, Claire Danes -- Golden Globes vs SAGs 2013

Oh hell no, Claire Danes. What in goth's name were you thinking?
Claire Danes_Golden Globes_SAG Awards_2013_makeup

Claire Danes rocked the Golden Globes red carpet two weeks ago and everyone freaked out about how good the mother of a four-week old baby looked for her first post-baby red carpet appearance.

What a difference two weeks can make. Her SAG look was well, saggy. She looked like the mother of a six-week old baby who had to go to a party. Which she is.

Claire Danes_Golden Globes_SAG Awards_2013

It's okay if we have a six-week old baby and look like death stuffed into Spanx, but with all the help she has, should this have happened?

Claire Danes_SAGs_2013

I feel like a good makeup artist would have cautioned against the harsh lip if she was already looking pale and feeling tired. Against the black gown, it really washes her out and makes it look like she's going through a very late-in-life goth stage.

Claire Danes SAG Awards 2009

Perhaps this hair and makeup from the 2009 SAGs might have been fresher for a tired new mom.

Do you have thoughts?