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Cranky Beauty Pants: Frosty January Jones at the SAG Awards 2013

January Jones_SAG Awards 2013

It's January -- *shudder*. Here in central Canada we start going a little crazy this time of year. It's dark, it's cold and we just want to walk outside without getting pickled in salt or frozen to death. Imagine my surprise when January Jones of "Mad Men" walked the SAG Awards red carpet Sunday looking like the embodiment of all that January represents.

Note the white splashed up the front of her dress, like salt.

The orange lip -- let's say it represents the sun we see from time to time.

The vertical lines in her lips remind us to use more lip balm.

The way her hair waves up is an interpretation of how our hair can freeze if we don't finish blow drying it before leaving the house.

I'm christening today "January Jones 29th, 2013."

Who's going to try this look with me?

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