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F is for Facial Filler: I Do Not Want to Go To There

Injectible fillers or facial implants, whatever. It's too much, Jennifer Westfeldt. Please stop. Look how lovely you are in your 2002 photos....
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Jennifer Westfeldt_Golden Globes_2013

Jon Hamm's longtime girlfriend, writer and director Jennifer Westfeldt needs a cosmetic-enhancement doctor who can say no. When a camera shot panned over the couple at Sunday's Golden Globe Awards, Staff worried Jennifer might rest her cheek on her hand... and well, something bad might happen. Here, Jennifer is at the 2013 Golden Globes. The photos below are from 2002.

Jennifer Westfeldt_April and May 2002
KissingJessica_Jennifer Westfeldt

This Kissing Jessica Stein image, starring Westfeldt, hit in 2001. Check out the trailer (in which the 2001 version of Jon Hamm makes an appearance):

Cindy Crawford has had similar filler augmentation (see what we mean here), although in a far more restrained way (it still makes us a little sad). Do you have thoughts? Should I scold Staff for her uncharitable point of view?