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Cranky Beauty Pants: Who Was Your Favourite Golden Globes Ginger?

For the most part, Cranky Beauty Pants is not terribly impressed with the gown choices worn by celebrity redheads at the Golden Globes 2013. You?
Julianne Moore_Golden Globes winner_2013

So many beautiful ginger heads of hair in Hollywood and so few wearing something that doesn't wash them out. The winning ginger?


Julianne Moore in a gorgeous, bespoke black-and-white gown by Tom Ford. (She emailed him, you know. Subject line: "From Julie." Let's all try!)

nicole kidman_golden globes 2013_mcQueen

Ginger runner up? Nicole Kidman in black McQueen.


Who was your best ginger of the night? Jessica Chastain?

Amy Adams_Golden Globes 2013_gown

Amy Adams?


Isla Fisher?