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F is for Fence Me In: 5 Ways to Keep Lip Colour in Line

Do you avoid certain lip colours for fear they'll bleed over your lip line and onto your skin? Enter for a chance to try No Bleeding Lips Secret Lip Liner and report back in the comments!
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Maybe you're planning on finally breaking out of a neutral-lip rut, and you want something to keep that exciting, bright lip line cleanly defined. Or you want a smart way to keep lip gloss, lipstick or tinted lip balm from feathering without having to break any spending resolutions. Have you tried any of the five of the following lip-lining or bleed-prevention techniques?

5 ways to prevent lipstick from bleeding

1) Close-Enough Lip Liner Lip pencil is an obvious choice to lay down an even edge before lip colour. Exact matches aren't always easy, but close-enough colour will do the trick if you blend the liner and colour for a seamless finish. (Let's proceed safely in the conviction that visible lip liner will never ever become a trend.) And of course if you fill lips in lightly with pencil as a base, your lipstick or gloss will stay on longer.

2) Nude Lip Liner Neutral liner in a close match to your natural lip pigment is a more discreet option for defining lips and creating a stay-put base for colour. But it can dull the hue of whatever you put on top. An alternative is a flesh-tone liner applied only at the outer rim of the lips. But as is always the case with "flesh-tone," success depends on your skin's shade of nude.

3) Concealer A touch of concealer applied with a small brush at the lip's perimeter is a pro artist tip for cleaning up raggedy edges and slight smears. It's similar to the flesh-coloured liner option, except that concealer comes in way more skin-matching shades than fair and medium. Some concealers also come in convenient pencil form.

4) Primer Silicone-based face primer also works as an invisible barrier when applied via small brush along the outer lip edge. A lip primer will also help to anchor colour where you want it, as well as smooth the surface of your lips.

5) Clear Lip Liner The no-colour lip-liner concept isn't new, but with bright lipstick's popularity, it's a no-brainer. A snap choice for all skintones, it functions as a handy stick form of an invisible primer. Line the very edge of your lip line first, then apply lipstick or gloss. A lip brush will help you get a precise finish, especially with bright colour. (Tip: don't try to outline with clear liner after you've already applied lip colour -- that might smear the edge of your lipstick or lip gloss instead, which you don't want.)


Of all these methods of corralling lip colour, given my back-of-cab application habits, clear lip liner is for me the most convenient solution.

Recent release No Bleeding Lips Secret Lip Liner ($14.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix) is a particular winner because it never needs sharpening. Smudge-proof, waterproof and lightweight, it comes in a sleek propelling-pencil format (aka "twist-up"), glides invisibly over skin without tugging or dragging, and stays put for hours.

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The No Bleeding Lips Secret Lip Liner formula is wax-based, made without mineral oil, paraffin, preservatives or animal-derived ingredients. Applied where skin meets natural lip pigment, it stops lip colour from trespassing on your face. (If you want to make lips look a little fuller, draw your secret line just a smidge outside the natural lip line, then fill in with colour.) And the reasonable price tag won't make your wallet whine.

Review Crew Beautygeeks and No Bleeding Lips are delighted to offer 20 beautygeeks a chance to test-drive No Bleeding Lips Secret Lip Liner and report back in the comments below this post. UPDATE: This offer and test-drive program is now completed.

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What method do you use to prevent lip colour from feathering past your lip line? Have you tried clear lip liner?

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