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Red Carpet Hair: Anne Hathaway at the National Board of Review Awards Gala

Celeb stylist's Sasha Breuer's how-to for Anne Hathaway's messy, textured, cool-girl hair style from the National Board of Review Gala, 2013.
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I do occasionally think about chopping my hair off again. It's longer than it's ever been right now; usually when the length hits just past my shoulders, I do something drastic to change things up. At the National Board of Review Gala two nights ago, Anne Hathaway's cool-girl ’do, courtesy of hairstylist Sascha Breuer, made me consider a scissor visit.

Sadly, my natural hair texture isn't quite right to carry this look off without a lot of work from me. I think fine to medium hair, preferably naturally straight so you have less styling to do, is best for this. If that's you, and you already have a similar cut, here's how to get Anne's look.

The concept
Sascha and Anne wanted something "stylish and cool" to complement the Les Miserables star's sophisticated Yves Saint Laurent tux. "To add an edge to her chic look, we decided to give the hair a messy and very textured feel and styled her longer, now more grown-out fringe to sweep casually to the side, gently grazing her face," says Sascha, who has worked with Kirsten Dunst, Selena Gomez and Isla Fischer. He also styled Anne Hathaway's hair for the Les Miserables premiere and for the January 2013 issue of Glamour Magazine.

The how-to:
1) blowdry hair and spray lightly with salt-water spray or Wella SP Ocean Spritz Beach Texture Spray, and gently work it into the hair with your hands, adding shape as you go
2) on completely dry hair, smooth several sections with a flat iron so they fall forward and sweep to the side
3) define random strands with fingertips pre-sprayed with hairspray; Sascha suggests Wellaflex Hairspray, and says this method will keep the hair in place yet still look natural and light.

The key advice
With this cut, Sascha notes that the right complexion-flattering colour is hugely important "since your face will be the centre of attention." He recommends it for women of any age "who have round, long or square faces." And of course, as I noted is not the case for me, if you have the right texture, it's wash-and-go.

Do you dig Anne's edgy ’do, too?

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