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Hot Hairstyling Gifts: Top Picks from TV Beauty Experts with Amazing Hair

Don't let your last-minute gift shopping look last-minute. Thinking about your mom, sister, niece, cousin, etc? Here are two tv-experts' favourite hair stylers and tools for keeping their hair gorgeous with very little effort.
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With just three days left before Christmas, we're down to last-minute shopping. But don't let your selections look last-minute. If you're looking for gift and stocking-stuffer ideas for your mom, sister, niece, bff and so on, consider expert-recommended tools and styling aids to help hair look amazing with very little effort.

I know two people with ridiculously healthy, shiny hair that looks amazing every time I see them. You may know them too: Jill Dunn and Chantel Guertin are beauty experts who appear regularly on "The Marilyn Denis Show;" they also both write for The Kit. Here, they share their gorgeous-hair must-haves.

Jill Dunn



T3 SinglePass Whirl($150 at and "If you have long hair, there's just no better tool for creating waves. The secret is this: the Whirl's tapered wand gives you a cascade of tousled curls -- not the cylindrical Shirley Temple-esque ringlets. Instantly you get more believable waves in less than 15 minutes and they have mega holding power. It has adjustable heat, but who are we kidding? I crank it up to 450ºF every time. One note: since the barrel is only one size, it's a little too large to use on shorter hair." (See the how-to video in this post.)

T3 hair dryer

T3 Featherweight Hair Dryer ($220, and "I know there's some sticker shock involved with this hair dryer, but if you have thick hair at all, you've just *got* to own one of these. It dries hair in half the time of a normal dryer -- sans hand cramp. It's also quiet and kind of 'wicks' the water out of your hair so it's less damaging overall."

The O hot rollers

Cloud Nine The O Pod Hot Rollers($399 USd, "Full disclosure: I don't own O Pod Hot Rollers just yet, but I plan to soon. John Frieda's Alain Larivee used them on my hair and not only did I love the result, but I was in awe of the technology. You drop the roller in to a pod that heats the core of the roller to 266ºF in four seconds using induction technology. But when you pick up the roller, it's cool to the touch, and warms as you put it in hair. Trippy. See demo here..."

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Chantel Guertin



InStyler ($14.99, "I was never a straightening iron kind of gal until I tried the InStyler. Part brush, part iron, total hair gorgessity makeover because it smooths without giving you super-straight unnatural looking hair."

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Hair Serum Thermal Protection Formula

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Thermal Hair Serum ($15.99, drugstores) "I've tried 1000 hair serums and this is my go-to. It's light, not greasy and you can use it on both wet and dry hair to smooth frizz."

Keratin Perfect shampoo and conditioner

KeratinPerfect Shampoo & Conditioner(from $25 each, "I love the way it smooths my hair and lets me give myself a blow-dry that lasts for 3+ days, without getting oily or kinked."

Goody Double Wear Hair Elastics

Goody Double Wear Hair Elastics($4.99/3 at Walmart, Loblaws, London Drugs, Jean Coutu) "These look like bracelets when they're on your wrist -- and that's half the time, for me. I'm constantly searching for an elastic - but with these, I never have to because it's typically on my wrist."

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The Cloud 9 O Pod Hot Rollers might be a tricky get in time for Christmas. But a quick trip to Murale, Sephora, Walmart or Loblaws for any of the rest might fit nicely into your hectic schedule.

Do you already own and love any of these gift suggestions?