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Special Delivery: The World Vision Haitian Hand-Beaded Necklace and Other Holiday Gifts w Purchase

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World Vision handmade beaded necklace_close up

We've been falling for the gift-with-purchase strategy since Estée Lauder pioneered it in the early 1950s. Buy one thing and get a bunch of stuff for free? Yes, please! That's the concept behind this World Vision Haitian hand-beaded necklace -- and it comes with quite the GWP.

World Vision hand crafted necklace_close-up beads

Made of new and recycled material, the World Vision Haitian hand-beaded necklace ($100) stretches further than its 61 cm length. Buying one for yourself or as a present for someone else provides gifts for the artisans who create them: training programs, business development, supplies and a better quality of life. And for you, $40 of the purchase price is eligible for a tax receipt.

Shipping via Canada Post takes up to five days -- before this week, average within the GTA was three days.

World Vision handcrafted necklace_$100

If it's too close to delivery deadline for you to take a chance on the World Vision Haitian hand-beaded necklace, a fruit tree ($30, might be a nice gift alternative. The moringa tree in particular has beautygeek properties: also known as the tree of life, the moringa is native to India and Africa and packed with nutrients in every inch from root to bark to leaves to fruit to seeds. The leaves contain seven times more Vitamin C than an orange, four times the calcium in milk and twice the protein in yogurt, four times the Vitamin A found in carrots, and three times the potassium found in bananas.


Buying a whole tree ($75, for a local family sets them up with all those things as well as streams of revenue from the sale of moringa tree leaves, seed oil, and rope made from the bark.

A little card that mentions your purchase will go nicely with a pretty gift that contains moringa oil....

World Vision isn't the only gift-with-purchase game in town. Free the Children and Plan Canada also offer wonderful opportunities -- check Free the Children out here, and check Plan Canada out here.

Have you ever taken advantage of programs like these? Do you have a favourite?