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Tub Thumping: Best Shower Curtain Hooks EVER + Bath-Time Gifts

It's not a good time for Colin Firth to try out my tub. I'm a tad too distracted by my excellent new shower curtain hooks and pause-button bath-and-body treats.
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1_Colin Firth_bubble bath

Colin Firth looks just as good in an outdoor bubble bath as Mr. Darcy does arising from the Pemberley estate's pond. *suddenly googles meaning of "tub thumping"*

I'm pretty sure he'd look just as good in my shower, but at the moment I'm not sure I'd notice. I'm crushing large on my new double-hook shower-curtain hooks, which are surely the best shower curtain hooks ever. As Colin would, I'm sure, they've changed my life.

My Target Shower Curtain Hooks

I have a terrycloth shower curtain from Restoration Hardware (thank you again to my friend Sara R, who gave it to me when she moved to the US) with which I use a plastic liner. Changing the liner or laundering the curtain was a major pain; until a short while ago, I had them hung on pinch-open hooks that pinched me every time I opened or closed them. (Doesn't sound like a big thing, but at the time it was one more challenge in a challenging apartment.)

2_Target shower curtain hooks

Now I have these genius double-hook curtain hangers that give me a little thrill whenever I see them. I got them at a recent dash into a Target in Raleigh, NC, and was so excited about them that I showed them to the customs officer when we got back to Canada. (She thought they were great, too.)

Target_double-hook shower curtain hangers

Curtain changing in a nip-free flash. A stupidly simple thing, I know. But in a complex life, simple is genius.


Cue simple pleasures: bath and body care gifts that help the recipients (which should include you) press a mental pause button while he or she simply appreciates the scent, texture, or resulting delightfully comfortable skin.

4_Valentino Valentina body cream and body scrub

Valentino Valentina Body Scrub and Body Cream ($78 and $85, The Bay and Holt Renfrew). Made with jasmine, orange flower and tuberose extracts, this creamy scrub and luxurious body cream make bath-time special even on a Monday, and leave skin scented but in an appropriate-even-for-the-office way. I confess, the lush floral fragrance, while lovely, isn't so much me. But I'd keep these jars forever.

5_Darphin Nourishing and Firming Velvet Cream

Darphin Nourishing Satin Oil with Red Ginger Essential Oil and (Nourishing and Firming Velvet Cream ($56 and $70, This swoony fragrant oil makes usually parched, just-showered skin feel deliciously pampered and soft; a layer of this gorgeous velvet cream is an alternate skin savior, or, layered over the oil, delivers added conditioning and protection from winter dryness.

6_Korres Showergel and Body Butter in Guava

Korres Showergel and Body Butter in Guava ($22 and $33, and Shoppers Drug Mart). This tropical-fruit scented moisturizing shower gel and creamy body butter (formulated with shea butter plus sunflower, almond, and avocado oils) turn the bathroom into a 10-minute oasis of cold-weather denial and make skin feel happy, too.

7_Victoria's Secret_I Love My Body

Victoria's Secret Indulge Me Body Oil in White Tea & Sage and Nearly Nude Body Wash in Grapefruit and Basil Body Wash ($12 each, I needed a reminder that Victoria's Secret can also do light and fresh when it comes to scented body treats like this lovely lightweight oil and gentle cleanser. These are delightful; other fresh scents include Orchid & Bamboo and Jasmine & Water Lily.

8_Crabtree & Evelyn_Avocado bath & shower gel_body lotion

Crabtree & Evelyn Avocado Olive and Basil Revitalizing Bath & Shower Gel and Skin Revitalizing Body Lotion ($20 and $22, Crabtree & Evelyn). You can't really go wrong with a gift from Crabtree & Evelyn, whether it's a duo like this or hand-treatment kits or tea and cookies. This particular scent stirs a sleepy brain with invigorating lemon and cypress, and fresh notes of avocado and olive blossoms.

9_Sisley Eau de Campagne bath and shower gel_Sisleya Anti-Age Firming Body Cream

Sisley Eau de Campagne Gentle Bath and Shower Gel and Sisleya Anti-Aging Concentrate Firming Body Care ($95 and $490, Holt Renfrew). Listen, I know most budgets don't stretch to a body wash that hits the $100-mark after taxes, never mind a $500 body cream. But if yours did, the recipient of either or both of these (hey, why not you?) would love the forest-fresh fragrance of the gentle shower gel (I vote bubble bath -- and men's shampoo) and the sinful texture of the cream, which promises firmer, more toned skin via tightening ingredients and shea butter, spirulina, caffeine, red-vine extract, vegetable glycerin and more.

10_Live Clean Spa Therapy dead sea bath salts_body wash_body butterjpg

Live Clean Spa Therapy Dead Sea Salts, Body Wash and Body Butter ($9.97 each, Walmart; This collection smells amazing -- it's a blend of eucalyptus, lavender, lemon and ginger essential oils -- and, at that price point, is as light on the wallet as it is on the environment via its 98% plant-based formulation. Bonus: your gift recipient won't hate you for getting her addicted.

11_The Body Shop_Vineyard Peach

The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Shower Gel and Body Lotion ($12 each, Vineyard Peach is a limited-edition bath-treats scent from The Body Shop, and it's so good -- you can practically smell the fuzz on the peaches. 'Nuff said.

12_Biotherm Huile Elixir Oil Therapy

Biotherm Oil Therapy Precious Oil Concentrate and Nutri-Replenishing Body Treatment balm ($42 and $29, With a scent that is all uplifting citrussy goodness and silky textures that leave skin purring, these two are going to get me through winter. I fell in love with them as I cut through The Bay at Bloor and Yonge one day in early Fall, and actually went back to visit them a couple of times (with friends!) just to inhale. Love, love, love -- would squeal with delight if you bought them for me. Truth.

What bath-and-body treats have caught your eye this season, as gifts for others or for yourself?