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F is for Fast-Food Fragrance: Eau de Doh!

Yes, Pizza Hut made a fragrance. What more do you need to know?
Pizza Hut... fragrance

If you've ever driven across Canada or the US, for that matter, you may have noticed the landscape dotted with buildings that were obviously Pizza Huts in a bygone era and are now Chinese restaurants, opticians, quilting stores, Branch Davidian sects. You know, the usual.

Cheese-in-crust pizza

Lots of things come in huts but are they necessarily good things? When I was a kid it was Lana's Hair Hut for my bob. Generally "hut" doesn't connote reliability for me. Especially after I saw Lana nick someone's ear. There's an exception that proves the rule, of course: Sunglass Hut. But there's no such thing as a fragrance hut. Or is there?

Pizza Hut Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza - Image 2 - October 15, 2012

Pizza Hut has issued a vanity fragrance in Canada just in time for the holidays. Apparently the notes are dough and spices. A whiff of the Jersey Shore?

Pizza Hut Fragrance bottle

You might be too late to score the Facebook-exclusive Pizza Hut perfume but you could probably go to any former Pizza Hut location on a rainy day and get the same experience.

At least beautygeeks know how to look glam wearing a savory scent.

Images via googling Pizza Hut. Now am hungry.