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Star Struck: Julianne Moore Speaks About Her New Role as a L'Oreal Paris Celebrity Spokesperson

Want to feel like you were in Paris, within just a few feet of ever-so-gorgeous Julianne Moore, at the L'Oréal Paris reception welcoming her as the brand's newest spokesperson? Choose HD, expand the vid to full screen, and watch.
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Julianne Moore in Paris at a L'Oreal Paris reception celebrating her new role as L'Oreal Paris spokesperson

At Beautygeeks headquarters, Julianne Moore's name is often uttered with reverence -- she's known as one of the most gracious celebrities ever, as well as one of the most wonderfully talented and truly, naturally gorgeous. That incredible hair! That ethereally pale skin! That lovely bone structure! That refreshing lack of obvious cosmetic work! That quirky, unique style! We're nursing a bit of a crush, really.

Last week in Paris, I attended the L'Oreal Paris cocktail reception celebrating Julianne Moore as the brand's newest spokesperson. And because I know we aren't the only beautygeeks crushing on the actress, I videotaped her entrance, speech, and a vid documenting her visit to the L'Oreal Paris labs so you can pretend you were there too.

"I feel so fortunate, honestly, to be 51," Julianne told an intimate gathering of international media as well as L'Oreal Paris experts and executives. "It's a privilege to age and I think we have to remember that not all of us are lucky enough to experience that.

"In this decade of my life, in my 50s, I don't have to feel like this is the end, that suddenly, you know, I've come to a stop. So at 51, I will continue to work, and to raise my children and be engaged in my life and feel that I have more possiblility.

"When we're children, we all want to grow up... and often as adult women we hear people saying they wish that they were younger, to which I say, you know, enjoy where you are, because by wishing [you were] younger, you really only end up missing the year in which you're living, the year in which you are 45, or 50, or 53. So enjoy that year, and every year that you have as long as you're able."

To watch the vid below in better resolution, select the HD option.

Flare beauty director Carlene Higgins snagged an exclusive interview with Julianne for the March issue of Flare Magazine. Make a note in your calendar to pick up the issue in February.

Do you have a girl crush on Julianne Moore, too?