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F is for Fall, SkyFall: Swarovski Eye Candy from the New James Bond Movie

Have you seen the new James Bond flick, Skyfall? Here's a look at the Swarovski Skyfall collection, and the Bond Collection celebrating 50 years of the spy on film. Oh, and the OPI Skyfall Collection. Think holiday gifts for any Bond superfan on your list.
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Daniel Craig

If there isn't enough to look at onscreen with Daniel Craig in (or out of) his (apparently not) impeccable Tom Ford suits, the new Bond flick Skyfall boasts some serious Swarovski shine.



Sorry, what? Oh, right. Dude makes me forget what day it is, even.

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In just one scene, 60,000 Swarovski elements glimmer on Bond girl Severine, played by French actress Bérénice Marlohe, who sashays across the screen in a sheer black crystal-tattooed gown. I wanted to include a vid that shows a bit about how the dress was made, but for some reason the embed function was disabled (like maybe the uploader doesn't realize the viewer hits go back to the YouTube video anyway). If you're keen to see it, click here.

Swarovski_James Bond Skyfall jewelry collection

In the film, Marlohe, the face of the Swarovski Skyfall collection, wears a number of the following pieces I snapped when they were on display in Toronto recently:

Swarovski_James Bond_Skyfall Collection bangle

Swarovski Bond Love Knot Bangle, M ($290).

Swarovski_James Bond_Skyfall collection_black bamboo pendent

Swarovski Bond Black Bamboo Pendant ($190). Note: when it comes to black velvet, lint is a four-letter word.

Swarovski_James Bond_Skyfall collection ring

Swarovski Bond Love Knot Ring ($160). Loose crystal not included.

Swarovski_James Bond_Skyfall Collection_Queen Cobra Single Ring

Swarovski Bond Queen Cobra Double Ring ($340).

Swarovski_James Bond Collection_007

To celebrate 50 years of James Bond in film, Swarovski also created a collection around other Bond movies; this is a Bond 007 Charm ($65).

Swarovski_James Bond collection_gun barrel charm

Swarovski Bond Gun Barrel Charm ($70).

Swarovski_James Bond Collection_Casino pendant

Swarovski Bond Casino Pendant ($160), inspired by Casino Royale. Maybe not this scene (shame), but same movie.

Swarovski_James Bond Collection_shell pendant

Swarovski Bond Shell Pendant ($160), which also features a delicate crystal pearl partway up the chain. Inspired by the iconic scene in which Ursula Andress emerges from the surf in Dr. No. (That scene always makes me want to do a sit-up.)

Swarovski_James Bond Collection_Samedi charm

Swarovski Bond Samedi Charm ($70), inspired by Geoffrey Holder's sinister voodoo villian Baron Samedi in Live and Let Die. Fun fact: I've known Geoffrey Holder's name since I was a small child partly because of Live and Let Die, and partly because he's Trinidadian -- I was born in Trinidad, too. He looks like such a nice man in later photos, out of character.

Swarovski_James Bond Collection_Octopussy

Swarovski Bond Octopussy Pendant ($175), inspired by the logo from Octopussy, which co-starred Maud Adams and her killer sculpted cheekbones.

Swarovski_James Bond Collection_D85 cufflinks

Swarovski Bond D85 Cufflinks ($120), inspired by James Bond's Aston Martin. I know Bond drove an Aston Martin because Duran Duran's John Taylor used to say in Teen Beat interviews that he wanted one. Or he bought one. Whatever -- I was more into Simon Le Bon. Fun fact that has zip to do with James Bond: In grade 10, my bestie Yvonne and I used to write cheeky letters to one another as John Taylor (me) and Simon Le Bon (her). Yep, we did. In math class. Sorry, Mr. Marcus. Wait -- Duran Duran did the theme for A View to a Kill. Hah!

Busted Image

On the beauty front, of course there's an OPI Skyfall collection. Severine's dangerous nails make me think of a more wearable version, such as Tips' client Marissa McCabe's gorgeous mani by Melissa Forrest.

OPI Skyfall collection promo

I'ma be lazy and show you the OPI Skyfall Collection ad. Like it's an ad.

So, things to keep in mind for the holidays if you have any Bond superfans on your gift list. I haven't seen Skyfall yet -- have you? Do you have a favourite Bond film? Or a favourite Bond, as per Nathalie Atkinson's recent National Post piece, Some Bonds That I Used to Know?

And if you're looking for Bond-Girl beauty secrets, chats with Skyfall's makeup pro Naomi Donne here.

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