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F is for Fright Night: Beauty Stuff for Getting Into the Halloween Spirit

Get into the Halloween spirit with fun false lashes, spiderweb fake nails and deep dark lips (in a girly way, not ghoulish).
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Club Monaco Lip Gloss in Cherub

My most successful Halloween costume involved a black bouclé jacket and skirt, an ID card featuring my driver's licence picture with Photoshopped pouffy hair and bangs, an oversized plastic cigar, and Club Monaco lip gloss in Cherub (above). Ten points to the person who guesses my costume before the jump.

A sheer watermelon, Cherub was apparently Monica Lewinsky's favourite lip shade during her time of Infamy; it was one of the glosses she wore for her Barbara Walters' interview. I loved it before the Lewinsky connection, and in fact have three tubes archived. I wore it over MAC Spice lip liner as part of my Monica Lewinsky look, which netted me first prize (movie tickets) at the Halloween party I attended. Lucky for me I had that suit and the right length of hair -- another girl with a short bob and a pale blue pantsuit showed up as Monica Lewinsky too. (If I find my ID card, I'll post it with apologies to my Mum for the ID number. *grin*)

with Meghan_70s and 80s bash

This is one of my favourite theme-party photos, with my friend Meghan at a 70s/80s shindig several (erk!) years back. (Meghan, you really rock pink-and-silver hair!) I have a thing for 70s-esque makeup, although perhaps I've pencilled my brows in a bit thickly for the look here.

Liis and me_Halloween ages ago

Another, this time with my friend Liis. I adore the brown curly wig in these images. From Malabar in Toronto (I think), it belongs to Liis; I kept it for ages until she made me give it back. I miss it.

Anyway, the whole point of all this is that I'm one of those girls who isn't into zombie or scary costumes for Halloween. I can't be bothered to spend much time thinking about a concept and executing it. Instead, I like an excuse to wear false lashes and maybe some fun nails to get into the spirit of things. "Girly" Halloween, not "ghoul-y." This year, I like these:

Ardell Double Up false eyelashes_Halloween

Double Up lashes from Ardell ($7.29 each at drugstores, Walmart and Loblaws) -- definitely costume lashes, yes?

Ardell Double Up false lashes 201

I can't decide between 201 and 203. These seem more dense, a tiny bit shorter.

Ardell Double Up false lashes 203

These seem a bit longer, more feathery. Costume, schmostume -- wonder if I can wear them just because?

Ardell Double Up false lashes 204

Doll eyes anyone? If you want to create a look around false lashes, try a section in the middle of your upper lash line for this awesome doll-eyes look MAC Senior Artist Melissa Gibson once created for Greta Constantine. Or wear the full strip to channel Carol Channing -- if you're old enough to remember her.

Impress Press On Manicure for Halloween

Pair your fluttery falsies with a fun manicure. Impress Press-On Manicure Nails ($7.99 to $9.99 at drugstores and mass retailers) has a fun limited-edition spider-web pattern and glittery spider accent, for instance.

Halloween strips

Or try these Kiss Nail Dress nail polish strips ($10.00 at drugstores and mass retailers), also with a limited-edition glittery spiderweb motif and a wee gem detail.

Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick in 04

And for lips, you can get down with the deep-dark-lip trend -- there's no denying it works with witchy lashes and nails. But in a hot way. Try Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick in 04 ($7.99 at drugstores).

So what are you wearing for Halloween?