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F is for Fringe Accents: Look Who's Launching Falsies to Help You Get Lashes Kinda Like This Guy

From practical to party, faux lashes from Joe Fresh (yes!), Duo Professional (fakes for different needs), and Dior (holiday lashes!).
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Eduardo's Lashes_Zara on Bloor St. W

If you've ever noted how unfair it is when the most incredible, thick, insanely gorgeous lashes you've ever seen belonged to a guy, then you understand why false eyelashes are important. This is Eduardo, an associate at Zara on Bloor St. W. Those are his natural, unaugmented lashes. I want them.

Most of us have to go the falsies route to get Eduardo's kind of drama -- heck, I need fakes just to attempt a flirtatious wink. But look! From practical to party, here's what's new in faux lashes from Joe Fresh (yes!), Duo Professional (solution-based lashes!) and Dior (glam up, ladies!).

Joe Fresh Partial Lashes_$5

A couple of years back I got a game-changer false-lashes tip from celebrity makeup artist Melanie Inglessis: cut strip lashes into four sections to make them easier to put on. A few small sections are easier to handle than one large. The tip absolutely helps -- I demonstrate here in a video for The Kit.

Joe Fresh Partial false lashes close-up

And so-smart Joe Fresh makes it easy by offering pre-sectioned lashes at a genius price ($5, Simone Otis, makeup pro and beauty director for Joe Fresh Beauty, is excited about these too. Apply just one section as an accent (try the inner-corner bits at the outer corners for a sweet emphasis), two if you prefer, or all three to make a full strip.

Joe Fresh Ultra Long and Full false lashes

Also available from Joe Fresh, a Lash Kit with Ultra Long and Full fakes made from real hair ($8,

Duo eyelash adhesive

So well known as the lash glue to use (I also love Shu Uemura's), Duo Professional offers a collection of four lash styles defined by what they can do for yours:

Duo lashes D11_medium & wispy_great for those with deep-set eyes

Duo Professional lashes D11: medium and wispy, great for for deep-set eyes ($12.99,

Duo Lashes D12_thin and wispy_the most natural look a faux lash can have

Duo Professional lashes D12: thin and wispy, the most natural look faux lashes can have ($12.99, I need these. So pretty.

Duo lashes D13_Dense_for adding some drama to any eye shape

Duo Professional lashes D13: dense, for adding drama to any eye shape ($12.99,

Duo lashes D14_short and spiked_adds thickness to thin spare lashes

Duo Professional lashes D14: short and spiked, to add thickness to thin, spare lashes ($12.99, Mine are thin, spare and short; I think I need these, too.

Duo lash glue in Dark and Clear

By the way, Duo Professional lash glue comes in white that dries clear, and dark. I tend to stick to white/clear. *shrug*

Dior false lashes_holiday 2012

I'm smitten with the party-fabulous lashes Dior's included in their 2012 holiday collection.

Dior Grand Bal False Lashes_002 Gold Crystals

Dior Grand Bal False Lashes 002 Gold Crystals. ($28, Holt Renfrew.)

Dior Grand Bal False Lashes_001 Pearl Drops

Dior Grand Bal False Lashes 001 Pearl Drops. These. These. I'm more than smitten -- I'm in love.

Do you wear false lashes? Will you now? What do you think of all these lashes? Any catch your eye?

Reminder: how-to-apply demo video here. *grin*

False-lash photos via Fujifilm Finepix F770EXR.