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One Dress Three Ways: Beauty vs Fashion & Would You Wear These Options?

I know it's a photo from an email blast. But, damnit, I'm in BEAUTY. Not FASHION. So sometimes, I need a good fashion tip. I think these are cute ideas. You?
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GAP dress advice1

For some bizarre reason, people not in the beauty industry assume I work in fashion. NO. While I have an appreciation and some understanding, I'm no fashion geek. I'm a beauty geek. Very different. All about face, hair, skin, nails. Not wardrobe.

GAP dress advice 2 and 3

So when I got a Gap email with this "How to rock frocks in the chilly days ahead" image (see below; click to enlarge), I thought, hey, styling a dress these three ways wouldn't occur to me. Partly because, hello -- beauty geek; partly because I still have it in my head that I'm too big to wear body-conscious silhouettes + layers; and partly because these looks aren't in my style wheelhouse. But they could be, with maybe a little adjustment -- fewer horizontal stripes, more grey, less hat, and much darker tights perhaps.

GAP dress advice

What about you? Are these three looks no-brainers for you? Or do they give you style ideas? Or are you no way all the way?

Images courtesy of the Gap, of course.