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Short Tease: Looks Like Scruffy Brad Pitt for Chanel N° 5; is 7 Seconds Enough?

Got a sec? Really, that's all you need for this Chanel teaser before the campaign reveal of Brad Pitt as the spokesman for Chanel N° 5.
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Brad Pitt_Chanel No 5 teaser photo

In the movie The Fifth Element, Chris Tucker's Ruby Rhod character, a fantastically over-the-top broadcasting personality, taps Bruce Willis' character, a surly Korben Dallas, for an on-air quote about his evening's experience. The one-word answer Ruby gets back deflates and frustrates him. Kind of like this:

Chanel has just released this "What's the mystery?" teaser to the October 15th reveal of the new Chanel N°5 campaign featuring Brad Pitt. A bearded Mr. Pitt is standing in the corner, it seems. And the video -- more like audio -- clocks in at seven seconds long.

Is this enough for you??

Have you seen The Fifth Element? Chanel has an awesome beauty moment in that film.