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Game of Shades: Compare Natalie Portman's New Blonde to Other Hair Colours (and Styles) She's Dyed

Natalie Portman looks like a different character with each shade and style of hair. Compare and contrast; you'll see. Amazing.
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Natalie Portman_blonde

For her role in a new Terrence Malik movie, Natalie Portman went from her usual brunette to blonde just a couple of days ago via colourist Tracey Cunningham. It's not the first time she's gone blonde for work, and she's not afraid of a drastic cut when necessary either. Not that she has any reason to be afraid.

Natalie is so beauty-blessed it's kind of unfair to pretty much The Entire World. Colour-chameleon, I think. Style-chameleon too. Amazing how hair changes can change the whole look of a person.  Sure, some of these are better than others, but the best is a tie between about seven of the photos below. Click an image to enlarge it.

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