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Cranky Beauty Pants: Down With the E! Mani-Cam at the Emmy Awards

E! is on the forefront of celeb fashion and beauty red-carpet coverage with the Mani-Cam. Now celebs will have to remember their nail colour as well as their dress and shoe and accessories designer names.
E red carpet manicam_amelie gillette photo

This chick from Oregon was hating on the E! Mani-Cam, basically a box outfitted with a camera to catch celeb digits walking a mini red-carpet scenario. (Fancy word: diorama.)

Silly? Embarrassing? Superficial? Or, possibly the greatest thing to happen to TV since, well, maybe ever.

Kat Dennings_OPI Lincoln Park_red carpet

Kat Dennings_OPI Lincoln Park

You just keep living in Oregon, Kristi Turnquist, and we'll keep living in style with Kat Dennings in OPI Lincoln Park After Dark...

Julia Louis-Dreyfus_Essie Berry Hard_Emmy Awards.jpg

...and Emmy-winner Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Essie Berry Hard, a deep shade that co-ordinated with her dress. (Photo:

Julia Louis-Dreyfus_Essie Berry Hard_Emmy Award winner 2012

Superficial? Snort.

Ed. note: you get that Cranky's "down" with the E! Mani-Cam in a good way, right? What about you?