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Lens Crafter: From Storyboard Sketches to Magazine Beauty Story

Ever wondered what the creative process involves when it comes to magazine fashion and beauty photoshoots? Here's a little window via French photographer Vincent Lions.
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mask01_photography by Vincent Lions_makeup Dee Daly

Ever been struck by a magazine photoshoot and wondered how the team involved came up with the idea? Love this background peek, via French photographer Vincent Lions, into the process of creating a magazine beauty story layout.

"I had this idea of using masks to hide or reveal the face, play with negative space, expressions, and drive attention to specific parts like eyes, lips and nails," says Vincent, who now lives in Toronto.


"I sketched the storyboard you saw on my blog, and contacted [makeup artist] Dee [Daly] as I thought she would be interested. I always have such a great time working with her. She said yes right away!

"We had the pleasure of working with model Lauren English from Elmer Olsen. We submitted the story to YYZ Living and they published it in their following issue (which is out now)."

Mask03_photography by Vincent Lions

See Vincent's complete storyboard and final photos here.

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Images courtesy of Vincent Lions Photography.