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F is for Flaw: Can Small Lips Wear Fall's Deep Berry Shade?

This Fall's dark-lip trend might be tricky if you have smaller lips. But it doesn't have to be. Here's how to master your beauty power.
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Dark berry lips at TIFF 2012

When bright lip colour hit as a bigtime beauty trend, I loved it because bright looks good on everyone, even if you have delicately-sized lips. But the dark lip trend for this Fall... I think it's a little more of a challenge when we've been trained to "fix" what we perceive as "flaws." And small lips are often treated as a flaw, to be corrected with light shades + a boatload of lipgloss.

The first thing some women will need to do when it comes to this Fall's dark lip trend is say, "Hells no, small lips are not a flaw!"


Remember Nicole Kidman's natural beauty from years back?

Small lips are not a flaw.

Right there in that statement is the power to wear whatever the heck shade of lip colour you love. Balanced with the right makeup -- simple eyes and glowing skin -- it's incredibly striking.

Rich berry is a nice in-between shade -- not too brown. Jennifer Lawrence, Catherine Keener and Emma Watson all wore rich berry hues on the TIFF 2012 red carpet.

Emma Watson TIFF 2012 Perks of Being a Wallflower red carpet deep berry lips.jpg

No, her lips aren't especially small, but Emma is the face of Lancôme's wonderful Rouge in Love lipsticks. So how about these two suggestions to try:

Rouge in Love in Midnight Rose, a rich berry with fuchsia flair
Rouge in Love in Rose Sulfureuse, a rich berry wine

If you like, highlight the bow of your lips with a shimmery nude cream or shadow, and dab a bit of clear gloss in the centre of your upper and lower lips.

What's your position on deep berry lipstick hues? And on having more delicately-sized lips if you have 'em?