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Viewer's Choice: Which Emily Blunt TIFF 2012 Look Do You Prefer? + Haircut Alert!

Two TIFF 2012 looks for Emily Blunt: 1) soft rose-beige lips and 2) striking magenta OCC Lip Tar lips (or hot pink or fuchsia -- whatever). Plus, legendary hair stylist Sally Hershberger has an opinion on Emily Blunt's long bob.
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Emily Blunt_TIFF2012

I love it when celebs change up their makeup and hair as strikingly as Emily Blunt did it at TIFF this year (give it a try, Jennifer Love Hewitt). For this kind of beauty enthusiasm, I'll forgive EB for taking John Krasinski off the market.

Emily Blunt_Looper beauty

This is Emily's look from the red carpet for the action flick Looper (with Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon Levitt) on the opening night of TIFF 2012. That nude lip is Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Canvas. (Haircut alert: bigtime celeb hair stylist Sally Hershberger says Emily's textured long bob is the bob to have right now. "Bobs can be boring, kind of grandma-ma. Beachy texture makes it cool.")

Emily Blunt_bright pink lipstick

Emily's makeup at the premiere of Arthur Newman (also starring lovely Colin Firth) is all about this incredible magenta lip. Delicate champagne-beige shadow plus flirty lashes... this is dead-easy anytime, youthful glamour. New bright-lipstick converts, take note.

To get the look, try Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Demure and top with a bit of clear gloss.

UPDATE: Turns out Emily's gorgeous lip is indeed OCC Lip Tar ($22, topped with MAC Clear Lipglass ($18)! I think the Lip Tar shade may be Anime, actually -- stay tuned. (Another update: Demure is plummy, so it's not that one. Not Queen, either, which is more fuchsia. My Anime is on backorder... and of course, it's possible the shade Emily wore was a blend.)

UPDATE 2: It's OCC Lip Tar in Anime!

Which look do you like better? Will you try either one?

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar is distributed in Canada by Fernanda's Beauty and Spa Supplies; it's now available at Sephora. MAC Cosmetics are available via, MAC boutiques and The Bay.