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F is for French Fashion Icon: What Do You Think of Carine Roitfeld's "Bad Things" Beauty Philosophy?

The MAC by Carine Roitfeld collection has just hit counters. Some people aren't fans of Roitfeld's beauty esthetic. I love it. What's your opinion?
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We interrupt our TIFF programming to seek your opinion on French fashion favourite Carine Roitfeld's look-good philosophy. The 57-year-old ex-Vogue Paris editor (and former model) is revered in fashion circles for her inimitable style and signature smoky, undone beauty. Her makeup collaboration with MAC has just hit stores. (Click on the image below to enlarge it.)

Carine Roitfeld collection for MAC

I like Carine's effortless and edgy style, and I'm a huge fan of the way she wears her makeup. She rocks a smudgy, lived-in smoky eye like -- well, like I wish I could. (In fact, I'ma try. Maybe starting today. Or next week.) Also, I'm envious of her brows. Aaaand I've just discovered Carine has a thing for Ryan Gosling, too. Sheesh. Well, since I'm planning to steal her slightly wrecked, smudgy, eye-makeup look, I guess I can't get too territorial over the Gos.


"Not totally perfect... sometimes bad things are the more beautiful things... like when you wake up and you didn't take off your mascara. Your eyes could be tired, but tired-sexy, and it's what I like," Carine says. Have a look at the video below and tell us...

...agree? Disagree? Encouraged by her unique esthetic? Or no, no never?