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Colouring Lesson: Stop Contouring Your Lids -- Try This More Youthful Eyeshadow Technique Instead

How to apply eye shadow in a way that makes you look fresh and youthful. Bonus: it's just two sweet and easy moves.
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How do you apply your eye shadow? If you're doing that medium shade on the lid + darker shade in the crease + light shade on the browbone thing, you may want to reconsider. That paint-by-numbers approach can look dated and add years to your face. Instead, you want to try a technique makeup artist Pierce Rees demonstrated in an ET Canada red-carpet-beauty clip we did together.

In the segment, Pierce showed how to do a smoky golden eye makeup application. And instead of doing the whole lid-contour-highlight paint-by-numbers move, he did this instead:

  • swept a bronze shadow over the whole lid to just under the brow bone
  • blended a bright gold down the centre of the lid to create dimension
Christian Dior Fall 2012

So easy and so fresh. Like these images from the Christian Dior Fall 2012 show (makeup by Pat McGrath).

Check out the video for a visual on the shadow technique, and pop over to for the detailed how-to and list of makeup Pierce used. Or you could go find him at the Queen W & Beverly location of Shoppers Drug Mart.

Would you try this application? Do you already do something similar?

Models in video segment: Dauphine and Cassidy from Elmer Olsen.