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Drama Queens: How-tos for 3 of Fall's Hottest Beauty Looks

How to get Fall's sculpted cheeks, deep berry lips and peacock-inspired smoky eyes. Via The Kit (
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The Kit_Fall makeup 2012_photos by Carlyle Routh

Sculpted faces, deep berry lips, peacock-inspired smoky eyes -- which of these three Fall trends is calling to you most? I love them all, but am most likely to adopt the deep, dark lip (surprise). But, thanks to lovely beauty editor Deborah Fulsang, and her makeup trends-how-to feature in the new issue of The Kit, I'm thinking to try the other two as well.

Here, click on the image to get to the relevant step-by-step as demonstrated by makeup pro Jackie Shawn.

The Kit_Sculpted Cheeks_photography Carlyle Routh

The Kit_Berry-Red Lips_photograpy Carlyle Routh

The Kit_New Smoky Eye_photography Carlyle Routh

Anyone else all over that dark lip? Or are you all about eyes? Or cheekbones?

Photography by Carlyle Routh. Deborah Fulsang is also the founder of