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The Compliment Game: When You Praise a Woman's Nail Polish, She Won't Just. Say. Thank You.

If you compliment a woman on her nail polish, chances are she'll answer with "Oh, I need to get them done" instead of a happy "Thank you!" Have you experienced this strange compliment phenomenon, either as the compliment-giver or the recipient?
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dot french manicure by Tips Nail Bar_Leeanne Colley

Let me share my favourite way to amuse myself when I'm out doing errands:

Next time you line up to pay at, say, the grocery store, and the woman at the cash is wearing a particularly striking shade of nail polish, compliment her on it. Something simple and geniune like, “I love your nails.”

I guarantee she won't just. say. “thank you.” Instead, she’ll look down at her fingers and add a version of, “Oh God. They’re chipped. I need to get them done again.”

I have not once heard a woman just say, “Oh, thank you.” As a gender, we are seemingly incapable of just accepting a compliment. Half of me finds this ineffably depressing and the other half gets a little thrill that I always accurately predict what they're going to say.

There are two benefits to playing this game aside from the cheap, endless amusement. If you are in the store with someone, you can explain the game and the expected outcome before you start, and then look all prescient and genius when the scene plays out perfectly.

The other benefit? If you can get past the "Oh my God. They’re so chipped,” response, you might discover the name of a new shade of polish you really like.

Have you experienced this compliment phenomenon? What about from the other side: have you ever responded to nails praise with just a thank you, or are you in the oh, they're chipped club?

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