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Separated at Syringe: Sensational Cindy Crawford Looks a Lot like Raquel Welch

Cindy Crawford looks better than spectacular in the cover shoot for Tatler's September 2012 issue. But we suspect she's had a bit of filler action that makes her look like Raquel Welch.
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Cindy Crawford-X-Tatler-UK

Cindy Crawford looks spectacular on the cover of the September 2012 issue of Tatler. She's a clear reminder of why the supermodels were super. But here at Beautygeeks, we call twinsies.


Cindy, in this gorgeous '60s-inspired hair by Robert Vetica and makeup by Francesca Tolot, is a dead-ringer for another super-stunner: Raquel Welch.

Raquel Welch

See? Raquel.

Cindy Crawford looks like Raquel Welch


We think she looks fantastic. We also think she's maybe overdone the injectibles a bit. "When you've had filler in your cheeks, your face looks youthfully plump when it's relaxed," Liza points out. "But smiling gives you away. Filler adds fullness on top of fullness. It looks weird."

cindy-crawford-tatler uk-september-2012-02

Even if she has indeed gone the filler route, Cindy Crawford looks fantastic. She looks like Raquel Welch.

cindy crawford-tatler uk-september 2012-02

But you won't. *moue*

Images borrowed from Tatler -- see the behind-the-scenes video with Cindy here. Photography, Ruven Afandor. Styling, Deep Kailey. Hair, Robert Vetica. Makeup, Francesca Tolot. Nails, Carla Kay (who we love, love, love -- a few years back she was the celebrity expert for Airplus for Her).