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Easy ’Do: A Quick DIY Ponytail Bun Video

How about this quick spin on the pretty 'do Guido Palau did for the Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2012 show? Always fabulous Vanessa Taylor shows you how.
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Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2012 ponytail bun

So the Boss is finally letting me do another Beautygeeks post; apparently she's got some other projects that need her attention and the rest of our crew, Liza Herz and Cranky Beauty Pants, is already working on something. "We'll be just fine without you," I told her, just to watch her squirm. #mybossisacontrolfreak

I have long hair that usually I don't have much time or inclination to style. When I come across a simple how-to like the one below by the always fabulous Vanessa Taylor, I get ideas. Ideas like, "maybe I'll try this today."

This is Vanessa's spin on the ponytail bun that hair stylist Guido Palau did for the Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2012 runway (celeb stylist and Herbal Essences spokesperson Charles Baker Strahan calls it the pinned-down pony). All you need is a hair elastic, Goody Spin Pin (just one), and a couple of minutes with your monitor and mirror.

An amazing stylist, and fashion editor at The Kit, too, Vanessa lets out her beauty passion as well as fashion at

Have you tried this look yet?