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Clutter Cure: Style & Go Cabinet + More to Keep Hair Appliances Tidy

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JAC_backstage hair_style & go cabinet and other solutions to keep hair appliances tidy

A smart bathroom wall storage unit called the Style & Go Hair Care Valet cabinet is making me think a bit about moving house. What is it? Something genius to keep hair appliances tidy.

DILLING under-bed storage_IKEA_not as good as a style & go cabinet IMO

My cute bathroom is wee and severely lacking in under-sink storage, so I keep hair appliances tidy by stowing them as well as brushes in my bedroom, in a slide-under-the-bed storage container from Ikea. They're a little out of the way there, but I rarely use hot styling tools these days because I have to choose between A/C power and blowdryer power -- they run off the same circuit in my old-building apartment, and can't do so together. Plus, the only outlet in my little bathroom is a single, two-prong type built into a light fixture over my pedestal sink.

style & go hair care valet cabinet and other ideas

Style & Go Hair Care Valet bathroom hair-appliance cabinet

But if my place had more modern wiring, outlets and wall space, I'd want something like this Style & Go Hair Care Valet cabinet ($169 USd) to keep hair appliances tidy and brilliantly accessible.

Style & Go Hair Care Valet Bathroom Appliance Cabinet_white

I'd want the white Style & Go Hair Care Valet, and I'd put it in my bedroom, near my dresser or over a dressing table -- blowdry sessions go much better outside of a humid, post-shower bathroom.

hair dryer and appliance organizers or caddies_Solutions_Home Depot_Solutions_not as good as a Style & Go cabinet IMO.jpg

Baskets under the sink or stand-alone drawer units work to keep hair appliances tidy, too, as do these caddies from Solutions (left and lower right) and Home Depot. But I like the shut-the-door aspect of the Style & Go cabinet, as well as the clever built-in housing for a power bar and cords. I also dig the idea of everything being at exactly the height I need to use then put away. Tidy and convenient.

Designed by inventor Marcy McKenna, the Style & Go Hair Care Valet cabinet is sold on HSN in the US. According to the website, they don't ship north of the border. Boo. (Hmmm... how about The Shopping Channel in Canada, Marcy?)

Has anyone seen anything like this in Canada? What do you use to keep your hair appliances tidy and accessible?

UPDATE: Marcy McKenna's Style & Go Hair Care Valet cabinet has been a huge success -- and it was born of a Lego prototype built by her seven-year-old son. Read the Style & Go story here at