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Case Studies: Cute Little Bags for Your Beauty and Carry-All Stuff

Cute makeup cases to keep your stuff safe in your carry-all.
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MAC petite bag by Francois Berthoud_detail

My Mac Book Air is not the heaviest item in my Lo & Sons OG bag. I'm not quite sure what is, actually, because everything weighs about the same. You see, I put most stuff in little drawstring bags and zippered cases in an attempt to achieve some measure of organization.

Beautygeek Liza Herz does the same thing, but with more deliberation. I tend to snag whatever small case I have close by. She makes a point of picking the most colourful pouches she can so that a) they're easy to find in the dark depths of a roomy tote, and b) they're fun to look at -- you should have happy moments even when rummaging through your oversized bag.

Roots pouches

Roots is a trusty source of hardy bags that hold up to constant handling without discolouring. Liza has the above small zip pouch ($18, in fabulous orange; I have a version of that butterscotch Kelli pouch ($78, in a fun purple. The larger orange beauty bag comes in blue and red, too, and is on sale right now ($44.99, roots .com). And all these are made in Canada, at the Roots factory in Toronto.

MAC petite bag by Francois Berthoud_closeup

On August 23rd, just in time for that annual back-to-school scramble (sorry, kids), three special-edition canvas cases will be available at MAC stores. Featuring colourful graphic illustrations by artists Francois Berthoud, Nikki Farquharson and Julie Verhoeven, they'll come in Petite and Small sizes and will be available until October 7th.

MAC petite bag by Francois Berthoud

Francois Berthoud petite bag ($36,

MAC petite bag by Francois Berthoud_close up

MAC petite bag by Francois Berthoud_flipside

The flip side of the Francois Berthoud petite bag.

MAC petite bag by Francois Berthoud_interior

And the interior.

MAC Small Bag by Nikki Farquharson_close up

MAC small bag by Nikki Farquhason

Small bag by Nikki Farquharson ($42, -- it's about the size you'd expect of a small makeup case, about seven inches in length.

MAC-Illustrated-Small and Petite-Bag-By-Julie-Verhoeven

And the small and petite bags by Julie Verhoeven ($42 and $36, Btw, most of MAC Cosmetics makeup is made in Canada; these cases are made in China.

I'd use these for bibs and bobs -- small notebooks, little Kleenex packages, hair ties, hand cream, phone, loose lipsticks... my full-face makeup and brushes are in this fantastic Benefit case I've shown off before here and with a great case from Sephora on Global News.

Where do you look for pretty and useful little cases? Do you use them to keep your bag organized-ish, too?

Photos 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 via Fujifilm Finepix F770EXR.