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The Notes Book: The Perfume-Obsessed Have a New Must-Visit Site in The Whale and the Rose

Longtime style editor and writer Deborah Fulsang delivers perfume news, tips, interviews and other scent details via The Whale and the Rose (, a new website for fragrance geeks.
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Deborah Fulsang_The Kit_photo by Jessica Blaine Smith

Where does model Crystal Renn apply her favourite perfume? How much did Madonna really have to do with the creation of her fragrance, Truth or Dare? What was the first scent Jeremy Laing ever wore? Who is the subject of celeb makeup artist Scott Barnes' most fragrant childhood memory?

Longtime style editor and writer Deborah Fulsang (above) knows, and shares on her smart new fragrance-focussed site, The Whale and the Rose.

If you're passionate about perfume the way Deborah is, the name of her website might not need an explanation. But just in case, "the whale" refers to ambergris, a digestive matter excreted by sperm whales and used in perfumery. "The rose," of course, is a quintessential fragrance note.

As for lovely Deborah, you may already know her from her days as fashion editor at The Globe and Mail, or her work as style editor at Flare and Chatelaine. Or maybe you know her from The Kit, for which she is the beauty editor (and producer of a slew of gorgeous fragrance stories).

With The Whale and the Rose, Deborah keeps readers in the loop with the latest in perfume news, trends (what would Batman wear? Our Liza Herz weighs in, too), a weekly fragrance-under-$50 feature, and tips (including the real reason you want to avoid rubbing fragrance into skin when you apply it). One of my favourite sections is the fragrance buying guide, which makes finding new favourites easy via scent suggestions broken down by category. I also love the Perfume-O-Pedia, which lists all kinds of perfumes alphabetically along with their release dates, designers and key notes. Totally. Geeky.

Explore The Whale and the Rose and let Deborah know what you think via @thewhaletherose and @deborahfulsang on Twitter.

Photo: Jessica Blaine Smith. The Whale and the Rose was made in Canada.